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Wires coming from the fuel tank?

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I am searching.
Can anyone tell me what excactly each wire coming from the top of the fuel tank does? More specifically the Green one...

My gas gauge doesnt work and i went to check it out to find the green wire is cut then spliced with a new wire that goes all the way up to the under dash fuse block to the spot marked pump.

any help would be great.
thank you
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Your pump is probably relayed, if memory serves me correctly that is the power wire for the pump. Do a search on relayed fuel pumps and see if it matches up to what you're seeing. This is to increase voltage, reduce voltage drops and increase overall flow of the pump. I would guess the fuel gauge issue resides in the cluster itself, they're notorious for bad solder joints which causes all sorts of gauge issues.
You are right thank you. it turns out i hav a bad level thing in the tyank
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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