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WTB:200 10vt pwr steering hose,mac14 chip,20v rearbrakes etc

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So I've got an 89 200 10vt and am looking for the following items:

high pressure power steering hose (it goes from the rack to the rear most rear most port on the top of the hydraulic pump) banjo fitting on both ends, if you think you may have it, lets chat cause i NEED one, i believe the part number is: 443 498 892c

also, would love to find a chip for the mc2/mac14 system, maybe i'm looking in all the wrong places but it would appear nobody makes these anymore so i'm stuck hoping for used...

either a working rear pass brake caliper with an unstuck/functioning ebrake mechanism *or*

20v rear brake setup(vented/larger than the 10v): this would include, dust shields, calipers, caliper carriers, rotors (if they are in good condition)

headliner (although I would hope to find this local)

also would be interested in any coolguy/gofast stuff: springs/shocks/fuel rail (considering going efi)/ NF head/swaybars/beer/stickers/cheez-its...

Thanks much for any help or direction in finding any of this stuff!

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Closest thing I have is goldfish crackers.
original cheddar? I'm not a huge fan of all the "new" flavors....
pkw said:
Closest thing I have is goldfish crackers.
Kuma is parting one out. Hit him up, should have at least some of the parts you need.
Absolute German in Seattle just got a V8 with the rear brake stuff you need. I got the set from their last V8. You'd need rotors from a '91 200 and that's all. Car also has Bilsteins and brand new front G60 pads/rotors.
Which power steering line? Take a pic?

My cell is 6783570676
i have the power steering line you need.

45 shipped.
plus 4% fees for paypal.
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