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WTB: B3 ABS small parts

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Okay I know most of you consider this insane but I'm retrofitting ABS to my 80q. I've got all the big parts but am missing most of the small ones... does anyone parting an ABS car have this stuff?

I need the bracket(s) that hold the pump to the car, all the hydraulic lines that go to the pump (from pump to master, pump to front wheels, and I think there's a line that connects to the one going to the rear wheels?), and the bracket that holds the "brain" (and accelerometer?) under the back seat.

PM me with price w/shipping to 01887. Thanks!
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FYI the brackets are welded in.
The one(s) for the pump, or for the ECU (or both)?
The pump brackets are welded in. The ecu brackets bolt in but not sure if non abs cars have all the mounting bosses?
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