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WTB: seats for my 200! whatever you've got that i can use...

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Looking for a nice set of front seats to replace my beat up ones in my 200 20v.

Looking for a set of bolstered 'sport' style seats that came in the 89-91 200's and some v8's. as long as it's clean and rip free with not run down support i'm open. not looking for mint condition as these seats are getting older but if you have some in that condition i'm not opposed.

OR would definitely be very interested in urs4 or urs6 seats with the under thigh extendable bolster.

If you have it let's talk. Turpentine or Black preferred. if the heating elements don't work that's okay too i'm only concerned about power adjustability.
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I have a really decent set of black sport seats in Denver. Minimal wear, power adjustments work.

Passenger side heat works, no rips
Drivers side heat is inoperative, one small bolster rip (1.5" or so)

Figured $250 picked up would make me happy. I will find myself in/around vegas in the near future, can't say I'll be around SLC though.
I've got a nice set on the other coast.
I've got a complete black set from a 90 200 not 20v car but seats are mint make me an offer
75$ to ship via grey hound.

if you are military its 50$
I have a full black leather interior from a 93 S4, $100 + shipping
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