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My 96 A6 does not unlock the driver's door with the key unless you turn it twice to have the lock pump open all the doors.
I think I just need the small metal piece on the back of the lock assy, but I will buy the whole piece if I need to.

I am also missing the Lower Right Grille on both the A6 and my 93 S4.

If anyone happens to be parting a Cashmere Gray 96 A6 I am looking for a driver's side fender (I know this is a huge long shot).

I am also looking for a decent set of Ecru front seats and rear seat bottom to fit the A6. I really only need the leather and foam as the AZ sun and lack of care by previous owner has destroyed the leather.

Need parts shipped to Tucson AZ 85747 (I have access to a commercial address if needed)
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