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Looking for some suspension for my 1993 URS4 I recently acquired as the suspension that is on the vehicle right now is blow as F***!! :curses: Shock/spring or coilovers, whichever is fine with me!!

Also looking for some exhaust, preferably a whole setup turbo-back. I have a a rear muffler setup already by scorpion and I could possibly trade you my scorpion exhaust but I am wanting to keep my stock cats and DP as they are in great condition.

I also have some 18 inch Mille Miglia rims (5 spoke, 5X112bolt, ET35)I could trade/sell and am looking for 17 inch rims to trade for, instead of 18's. Rims are at the bottom of my list though, suspenison/exhaust first!

Please let me know what you have!! Thanks! :dur:
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