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WTB: Working CQ or S2 Gauge Cluster

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Like the title states. I don't care about mileage, I just want a cluster with everything functioning.

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I just pulled a fully functioning unit. PM if your still looking.

Still looking for a functioning B3 20v or S2 cluster.

Photo for attention:

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working speedometer/odometers are hard to find because of the weak odometer gear.
I have one working English odometer, three working English clusters and one complete but unknown French cluster.
Transferring the speedometer between clusters is easy as it just plugs in.

If what I have can help you let me know.
(My first attempt at odometer gear replacement ended badly, I'm going to try again on the French speedometer)

i have a good cq cluster non bleeding clock and trip computer. pm if you need it

easy to change the gear, actually the volvo 850 is the same, dime and dozen
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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