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WTB: Zermatt T44 body parts

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Looking specifically for a zermatt hood, trunk, and doors from a 200. Looking to possibly change to newer style door handles. Tired of terrible door handles.
Need a trunk so I can run my euro tails with a trunk that's the correct color. Hoping to get a hood that matches the shade as well.
Maybe fenders if you got them.
Let me know if you're anywhere near the west coast.
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Really. Sell me body parts. Arms, legs. whatever.

Oh wait. No. Car body parts. Right.
i have silver fenders.

10v style.

they were repainted silver.
I'm really looking for the other parts. Fenders would be nice if they were a part of the deal.
Anybody? See something in a junkyard? somethin?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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