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Yeah. It was a bad idea.

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So I took my V8 90 out to its first drift event and well, I think I'll be going a different direcyion with it now.

The car it's self did quite well but all I could think about the whole time was how I was ruining such a nice car.
So I decided I'm going to clean it up and get all the small details worked out then probably sell it to someone who will actually appreciate it. Not that I don't, I love this car. It's been one of the coolest and best cars I've owned. Also ill probably put it back to AWD. I'm just glad nothing really went wrong.
I'd much rather have a super clean and awesome V8 90quattro than a broke junky "drift" car.

I only did about 2 runs then went home. Haha.

Anyway just thought I would tell you all that...
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I respect you for that decision. a non audi lover would be like boom, just rip on it who cares? There's always the high powered junkers for that.
i disagree, i think old audis love to be beat on and are better for it.
^ i know exactly what you mean but his is reeeealy clean.
Yeah i think old audis are awesome and can take alot of abuse but it only look about half a run to break an axle... Fixed now. everything else help up really well but it is a really nice car and i would just rather keep it nice or sell it.
death 4kqt said:
i disagree, i think old audis love to be beat on and are better for it.
My 4k is definitely a glutton for punishment...
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