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You don't always know who's listening...

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So the other day i was at napa and i needed to buy oil. Being napa they don't have a huge selection of 20 50 oil and the royal purp they had was 9 bucks a quart or 16 for a quart for their "special formula". So I look other to my friend joe and say " damn I'm about to get punched in the face and the wallet." then i look to my right and see a napa employee standing right there. I look at him, he looks at me and without missing a beat he says "well I'm sorry to hear that". I ended up finding finding some valvoline on sale for five bucks right after that :lol: Just a funny experience i thought I'd share.

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dude, walmart. jeez.
Maybe you should put this up on Craigslist missed connections lol jk

You guys ever read those? Some are pretty hilarious/creepy
crappyoldaudis said:
dude, walmart. jeez.
I went to wally fart first and the only 20 50 they had was some non synthetic walmart brand oil.
I'm glad this isn't an NSA-related post.

I buy my oil at Walmart too. Usually Rotella T6 or M1. I think M1 15w50 would do the trick if you really wanted 20w50. Close enough, right??? I happen to know that they carry it at the Renton Walmart.
I loathe walmart with my entire being, but unfortunately it's the only place around that carries Rotella T6 in quarts. Luckily with the new 25-row oil cooler, the S4 levels off with a nice and even 2 gallons :)
ianCQ said:
Just a funny experience i thought I'd share.
You are so correct!
I used to commute to work by train, and you'd not believe all the things you'd hear form the next seats. Even better when you knwo who they were talking dirt about, with them having *no idea* that you know the people involved.. :D
Scudmart would not even sell DOT4 brake fluid because they wouldn't believe that's what a v8q takes.
hell, they didn't even believe me that a "v8" was even the real model name of a car.
Its just hilarious. They were looking at each other like, "some people just don't know anything"

I just smirked and left with no explanation.
Wouldn't want to bust their bubble or anything :roll:
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