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Your dream built, bored, high boost, stroker engine.

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Unassembled. Add $900 for assembly and machining of block.

-236mm tall deck block
-NLA 92.8mm crank
-New Iroz 160mm rods
-New coated rod and main bearings
-New Wiseco 82.5mm coated top & skirt 8.1:1 pistons
-New Iroz I5 tubular exhaust manifold
-New 12mm ARP head studs
-ARP main studs
-10k km (yes, since NEW) ported head with new +.5mm exhaust valves, high rate springs, new seals etc
-7a cams
-could include new Iroz downpipe. Built for quick spool valve geo in a UrS chassis, vband/Stromung fitment
-could include ported and gutted AAN intake manifold

This setup will rev to 8500rpm or whatever you feel safe taking the stock oil pump to. Ideally this would be a high boost (over 30psi) pump gas engine. Ie. Big turbo in its higher efficiency range.

$5k plus assembly mentioned above if desired
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WTF Pops getting out of the game or going 07K?
roortube said:
WTF Pops getting out of the game or going 07K?
07k (maybe) :)
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