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Hey guys,
Recently acquired a 91 Coupe Quattro and figured I'd start a thread for some of the progress. I'll be asking a lot of questions as I'm new to the platform but not new to the Audi world.

The goal is to basically bring it back to its former glory and keep it relatively stock with the typical light mods. Suspension, wheels, exhaust, S2 bits, and overall get it back in good condition and make it somewhat reliable and safe to drive.

It has 150k on the odometer and zero records of maintenance so I'll be replacing pretty much everything thats still available for the 7a and the chassis.

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In the process of deep cleaning the while thing as it was sitting outside for a couple years and was never washed or cleaned. Seems to be cleaning up decently though.

Currently trying to source some factory blue front seats and whatever interior pieces I can find which has been pretty difficult so far. And looking for a set of lower door moldings. Cheers!
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