200 avant rear speaker wiring
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Author:  jlw [ Wed Dec 23, 2020 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  200 avant rear speaker wiring

Is there anyway to use the stock wires for the rear speakers in a 200 avavnt with a new headunit? my rears have never worked and cant find any obvious leads going to rear in the mess of radio wires left by the po.. did they run directly to the stock amp in the back or were they sent front to the stock headunit? if so anyone happen to remember colors? Just trying to be lazy and not run new wires through doors and int if possible..

Also havnet pulled the rear door cards yet to check, but can anyone they me what size the rear speakers are? so i can order a set of alpines to match the front for while im in there.. thanks, & Happy Holidays!

Author:  jlw [ Sun Feb 14, 2021 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 200 avant rear speaker wiring

follow up for anyone in the future: the rear door speaker and tweeter wires run to harness on the left side under the rear seat, to where the factory amp originally sat (mine must have been removed by a po) so to get them up front to a headunit you still have run a new wires up under the right side doors threshold trim and under the glove box. The rears speakers are 5-1/4" i guessing but with a weird integrated grill that isnt supposed to be removable from them. the door care hole measures 5.125." I was able to make a pair of 6.5" speakers work just barely, while utilizing the stock grills i cut of the original speakers, but it was kinda a pain not sure id recommend it.. 5.25" speakers or possibly 6", either with after market grills, would be much easier, but a little less clean looking maybe.. The tweeters are wired size with another integrated grill, the door card hole measures 2.625". those grill could be more easily reused and a normal 1" tweeter hid behind them, but theyre not in the best spot as there down pretty low so i just left them as place fillers and used a 2 way 6.5" with their own tweeters

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