55Audi's Shenanigans
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Author:  55Audi [ Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  55Audi's Shenanigans

I thought I might as well start a project thread for my 1990 CQ. (Also sorry for some of the the pictures being sideways. I'll fix that for next time :frustrated: )
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The story behind both the donor 1994 S4 and the coupe is really strange. So the CQ looks to have been undergoing a heart transplant and they stopped midway. They were swapping an Mc1/Mc2 into the car and most likely got discouraged by the wiring. They were trying to get the 7a Ecu to work? Cut wires everywhere. I had gotten the car from a tow truck driver who was going to scrap it and asked if I wanted it. Gave him $200 and went our separate ways. I had planned on just finishing their work and getting it running again. I realized that was way more than I was asking for. But then a guy said that I might want to see one of his cars. He heard that I like old Audi's and he was selling one of his. Turns out it was a green 1994 S4 (C4). This thing was beat. It had been smashed in the back by a tree. He was originally wanting to try and swap it into a Eurovan. But plans changed and he just wanted to get rid of it. So I took it for a test drive up the pass that was right by his house. Spun all four tires around a corner. Had trouble on startup but I figured I could fix that. Something was special about the engine. I had never felt anything like it. So I came back and gave him his money and came home a happy camper. I bought the car planning to swap it into the CQ, I didn't even want to mess with the 10vt anymore. So I began pulling both engines out to begin the swap.
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The attachment 9DEE8BF4-8A5F-44D6-8F1B-3129E707023A.jpeg is no longer available

So it turns out that the UrS4 had an RS2'd AAN. RS2 Cams,Exhaust manifold, turbo, and a chipped ECU. (Still don't know who chipped it though.) It had a bit of work done. Along with forged H-beam rods and pistons. It ran on 25PSI when I drove it.
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Over the summer I began stripping the interior because the car had collected some water behind the drivers seat and I was worried that there might be some rust underneath the carpet. I had planned on making the interior black anyways and the headliner was sagging along with that. Luckily no rust but I am going to do some thermo-tec sound deadening to it. The old insulation made it smell really musty even after being dry for a couple months.
IMG_1787 2.JPG
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I am now starting to test fit everything into the car. So I am putting an 01E transmission from an 03 A6 in the car just for the durability of them. Along with that I have a stage 3 SPEC clutch with the 034 aluminum flywheel. Should be enough for the car, Crossing my fingers that everything works out.
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I test fit the engine into the car for the first time!!
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Next was to finish up the wiring which is where I am today. Also I got a set of 17z calipers for the car and got the headliner out.
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Well thats where I am now. This was long overdue but hey, better later than never. Thanks guys.

Author:  DE80q [ Thu Jan 28, 2021 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 55Audi's Shenanigans

good start! I have seen others doing a CQ 10vt swap, and kind of thought it was funny. I like my EFI'd 10vt in my 80q, but that startred with a 10v...

Anyways, I too have a spec stage 3 6 puck clutch. Im running it on a 7a flywheel, and honestly, I hate it. its very on/off.

Author:  PRY4SNO [ Thu Jan 28, 2021 11:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 55Audi's Shenanigans

Nice build, and great find! That would have been the definition of disappointing if the Cq or built UrS4 had been scrapped.

Author:  55Audi [ Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 55Audi's Shenanigans

PRY4SNO wrote:
Nice build, and great find! That would have been the definition of disappointing if the Cq or built UrS4 had been scrapped.

Yeah, really I'm just so grateful for what I have. I couldn't be happier. Also, what do you guys think about a repaint? I haven't decided if I want to change the color or not. And if I were to repaint, would stripping down to chassis be impossible. I wouldn't mind taking it down that route if possible. Doing a full restoration with custom paint would-be killer. But again it depends on if some part gets broken and is impossible to find.

Author:  jbrentd [ Mon Feb 01, 2021 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 55Audi's Shenanigans

It sounds like this project was just meant to be. You got lucky with no floorpan rust...unlike me and my project. I'd like to do a color change on my CQ one day, but I'm with you on worrying about breaking some stuff to get it torn down to chassis to do it right. In the meantime, while everything is out of my engine bay, I plan to paint it black.

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